It’s 9 a.m but the road is still jams. Today, my kids are home with their grandparents due to sickness, so I go to work  alone  by taxi.

From the window of the taxi, I saw golden leaves, rolling around and flying in the air, parking on the roofs, on the sidewalk, on the shoulder of rushed pedestriant. It is sunny and windy this morning. Sunshines sparlk through the canopies. I saw some small dispersion like many small rainbows above.

In the midst of the sunny day, a woman who running a motobike and wearing a thick cotton jacket just surfed my car. A sun-bathed skirt covered a wavery short skirt.

A 2 meter high Western man, dressed in a luxurious suit, was standing alone in front of a Starbucks cafe holding a coffee cup and watching the street. He chose to stand outside the cafe for smoking, I guessed.

A sleazy man passed a crossroads, hurried back to his street vendor. A loaf of bread hanging on the left dissable hand.

A Japanese language center has just show  a board with a seri of upcoming new courses. Next to the entrance, a beautiful women and a Japanese man are bowing each other.

Cafe on the corners crowded with people. On a small table at the street corner, a good-looking young man was smiling happily with a couple sitting next to him while hugging his notes. It must be a successful deal. I guessed.

Passing through a park, which is without fences (that’s great), a group of old women were still dancing passionately, desppite the hustle and bustle around.

The life is always vibrant, transforming here but calm and peaceful at the same time. The people here include many elements, from rich to poor, from immigants to local … They are all easy to find themselves as a part of this land. Like me.

(Saigon on 27 June 2018)

Link in Vietnamese: Sài Gòn 9 giờ sáng